ID PLUS - a model small-scale cooperation project

ID PLUS - a model small-scale cooperation project

by Spaesati/ Dépays(é)es -
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With our Research Centre at eCampus University - CITOYEN.NE.S - we have just accomplished the working programme of an Erasmus+ small-scale cooperation led by the Istituto Comprensivo Statale "Viale Legnano" in Parabiago (Milan, Lombardy, Italy) and featuring a network of 4 schools (Scuola Brunacci of the Istituto Thouar-Gonzaga in Milan, Collège Yves Klein and Ecole élémentaire Lanza in La Colle-sur-Loup, PACA, France), the Association Européenne des Enseignants - France and local authorities.

It's been a successful experimentation of three key activities among the ones we developed inside our Citizenship Education Curriculum (for primary and lower secondary levels in this case).

It's also been a successful experience of transnational cooperation with deep pedagogical aims: we are planning to propose it to other schools in other EU countries to further experiment and develop the European scope of our Curriculum!

For more info about the project, take a look to its webpage at

And download and read the free open-access scientific publication where we give also a narrative account of its implementation (available in French and Italian):