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09/05/1950 - THE COMMON GOOD

"Una storia d'amore"
09/05/1950 - THE COMMON GOOD
by Spaesati/ Dépays(é)es - Monday, 26 April 2021, 2:16 PM
On Europe Day let's tell to our children too why this date and why it is still so important for all of us:  

English subtitles available - this is a video first realized for an Italian school during the first lockdown in Milan, 2020. We look for teachers, classes, schools in Europe who can be interested in translating/recording as many linguistic versions as possible with us - the activity can perfectly fit with a soundly designed "learning unit" for primary and/or lower secondary pupils.

Raccontiamo anche ai nostri bambini e alle nostre bambine perché il 9 maggio è la Festa dell'Europa e perché quella data conta ancora moltissimo per tutti noi: